Seeking Granby Phonographs and Memorabilia

Do you own a Granby (or Leviola) Phonograph?  Or, do you have any old signs, paperwork, or accessories?  I would love to speak with you.  I am happy to lend historical information if that is all you seek.  After spending over 15 years researching the company and having the pleasure of meeting descendants of the family that owned the company….  my connection has become kind of sentimental.  I am compiling an informal database of where the phonographs are currently located, their serial numbers, and acquiring models (in some cases) that may be in the need of a new home.

Sure, an antique phonograph is only worth so much…. but, in some cases the story is often even more interesting than the piece itself.  If you are an enthusiast like myself and want to learn more about the family and their company, you will definitely want to grab a copy of my upcoming book, Norfolk’s Greatest Home Furnishers.  There are illustrations for reference and a thorough background on how the furniture stores and phonograph factory came to be in existence.

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