The Phonographs

Granby Phonographs were produced in downtown Newport News, Virginia between 1920 - 1923.  Upright models and console models were offered during this production run and examples can still be found to this day at flea markets, estate sales, and auctions.

Between 8 - 12 different models/variations were produced but the most often seen example is the Sheraton upright.  Unfortunately, many are missing their original grills.

So..   Have you seen one?

Do you own one?  Be forewarned, "off brand" phonographs do not command a particularly high monetary value.  However, if you want to learn some historical background or want to sell it, let us know... we would love to hear from you.

Unique Features

Many upright Granby phonographs feature the patented dome lid, however, early models have a more traditional flat top like typical "off brand" phonographs.  Also, many Granby phonographs have a small ID Tag on the upper rear the cabinet with a "Case No."  Look behind yours and see if it is there and contact us with the number....

Flat Lid

Seen on Early Models

Leviola phonographs and early Granby models featured a traditional lid, similar to other "off brand" phonographs.

Dome Lid

Seen after 1920

The dome lid was a patented feature of Granby phonographs.

Chippendale Console

One of several consoles produced

Console models did not feature the dome lid like the upright models... but many do feature the ID TAG on the rear of the cabinet.

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