Do you have any old photos of the Dr. Shannonhouse home or grounds in Hertford, NC?

We are the proud current owners and custodians of the Dr. James J. Shannonhouse Estate in historic Hertford, NC. The parcel of property contains two beautiful homes and three outbuildings. It is bound on the north by Punch Alley, the west by Church Street, and the East by North Front Street.

Sadly, Dr. Shannonhouse passed away in 1873 and property was sold out of the family in the early 1890s. Many locals may remember the Sumner family that acquired the property in the early 1900s but time has almost forgotten Dr. Shannonhouse. We have not….

As our vision for this property slowly takes shape, we are always on the hunt for any old photographs or family memories. Please get in contact with us if you have anything you would like to share.

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