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A little more about the book....

  • There have been very few books published about an off brand phonograph in this great of detail.  Norfolk's Greatest Home Furnishers follows the development of the Granby phonograph from the very beginning to the very end... and then some!
  • This book documents an exciting time era in American history... the late teens and early 1920's.  But, unfortunately, stories like this have been somewhat overlooked - until now.
  • Fans of Virginia history will enjoy reading about a contribution the region had in addition to well known Colonial connections and other widely known business enterprises - such as the shipyard.
  • Finally, fans of business, corporate, and advertising history will enjoy Norfolk's Greatest Home Furnishers because it clearly touches on the origins of aggressive newspaper retail advertising and corporate mergers.



Meet the Team

You may not immediately be familiar with the name, James-Gail Co. (or James & Gail as presented on some occasions).  However, we currently own several properties in North Carolina and Virginia and have an extensive collection of antiques.  At the end of the day, we are simply fans of history and think it should be preserved for future generations.

Christopher James Stoessner

Historian               Acquisitions

Chris Stoessner was born in Newport News, Virginia.  When only 17 years old, he started his own antiques business, C. J. Stoessner & Co. in Smithfield, Virginia.  Chris has also been involved in the funeral profession since 2004 and is currently licensed to practice in Virginia and North Carolina.

Melinda Gail Stoessner

Public Relations                  Acquisitions

Melinda Stoessner (nee Gwaltney) is a native of Smithfield, Virginia.  She has a degree in Horticulture and has an interest in medieval history, English culture, and classical music.

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