Historic Preservation

History is all around us.... if we slow down and look.  Feel free to explore our website to see our interest.

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The Phonograph Project

The Granby Phonograph was produced in Newport News, Virginia. Contact Chris to submit information if you happen to own one or have memories to share.

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Preserving history isn't all about large mansions and historic landmarks.  The smaller items from every day life tell a story.

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Preserving the Past

History is a fascinating subject.

There is history that we can touch and feel....  we experience this in the form of owning and appreciating antiques or walking through a historic building.

And then... there are the stories.  Luckily, many stories live on and are documented through oral tradition or books.  Periodically, we stumble onto a story that hasn't been told....  This is the case with the Granby Phonograph.  Christopher J. Stoessner has spent countless hours researching this subject and is excited that it will finally be told and preserved for future generations.

Researching Granby Phonographs opened the door to a much deeper and interesting story.  The book is on sale now through Amazon.com.



Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more....  please don't hesitate to contact us.